The Dead Don't Die

A new novel by indie filmmakers Kevin J. Lindenmuth & Evan Jacobs

Indie filmmakers Kevin J. Lindenmuth (ADDICTED TO MURDER, VAMPIRES & OTHER STEREOTYPES) and Evan Jacobs (WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS, SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE: A BOXING FABLE) bring in a new zombie tale with a twist.


When Mike Kerns and his girlfriend Kellyn take his Autism Specific Class on a day trip to the country, things quickly transform into a day--and then months--of hell. At first Mike witnesses what appear to be strange people from the backwoods attacking a young woman. As he attempts to get involved and help, he realizes that this is no ordinary attack, and that these people are not actually people at all. They're zombies--zombies that don't stop with a bullet to the head, zombies that cannot be killed.

Now Mike and his class are fighting for their lives as they come to terms with the fact that the world as they know it is forever changed.

Mike and his class find shelter and supplies at an abandoned school. With the help of Kellyn and a classroom aide they set up the school as a makeshift community so that his students with Autism can have some semblance of structure. Juggling multiple behaviors for each student, multiple personalities and a lack of medication to keep things on an even keel, Mike and his group suddenly have to contend with a group of bloodthirsty zombie hunters. These strangers offer protection but it comes at a price... they want Mike's students and the benefit that Autism offers those not yet changed onto zombies.

The Dead Don't Die offers a completely new take on the zombie genre while sticking true to everything readers love about the walking dead.

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Author Bios:

Kevin Lindenmuth

After graduating with a degree in Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan in 1987, Kevin Lindenmuth moved to New York City for thirteen years. It was there he wrote and directed over a dozen genre features such as Vampires & Other Stereotypes and Addicted to Murder, which was among the first micro-budget movies EVER to be widely distributed through the Blockbuster Video chain in the mid 90's. In the past decade he produced/directed half a dozen documentaries broadcast nationally on PBS, such as "I'm Not Nuts": Living with Food Allergies.

An indie feature director/writer foremost, he has written four books on the subject. Making Movies on Your Own (McFarland 1998), The Independent Film Experience (McFarland, 2003), The Documentary Moviemaking Course (Barron's, 2010 in the US, A&C Black Publishers in the UK), and How to Make Movies: Low/No Budget Indie Filmmakers Tell All (2013, McFarland). His half a million word movie review book, Horror Movies: The Good, The Bad, and the So Bad They're Good was published in 2013 by Crossroads Press. This is his first fiction novel.

Evan Jacobs

Born in Long Island, New York, Evan Jacobs moved to Orange County, CA when he was four years old. Getting his start as a writer/filmmaker, Evan has made over 15 low budget movies through his company Anhedenia Films. In 2008, Evan decided to try his hand at young adult fiction releasing the book "My Summer of Hate" through his imprint Ronni's Books. He currently releases 3-4 titles a year. In 2011, a script he co-wrote titled "Knockout" came to DVD via Phase 4 Films with actor/wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the main role. Writing for Saddleback Educational Publishing, Evan's book "Screaming Quietly" took home a bronze medal at the 2013 Moonbeam Children's book awards. Continuing to bounce between the worlds of filmmaking, screenwriting, and book writing, Evan wants to create even more pieces of content that move through as many genres and themes as possible.

Contact Information:

Kevin Lindenmuth

Evan Jacobs